I am a Solicitor who has been registered on the Law Society’s Children Panel since 1993 and I deal almost exclusively with public law children matters and complex matters regarding issues relating to parental disputes

Throughout the time I worked with Alison  was impressed by her hard work and dedication and the focus she maintained on outcome , an important consideration, that I think you will agree can be lost in complex cases.

Her approach without doubt is thorough and the welfare of all family members always kept in mind.

Alison has a huge wealth of experience , I am sure you will find her reliable, open and honest

~ Ms M  (Hants)
Alison, WOW what can I say!!!!

An amazing,  proactive, extremely professional McKenzie friend.

Thank you so much, you worked wonders for me on Wednesday, everyone involved was so impressed, Even the judge wanted your details. I and my ex-partner have had years attending many court hearings with our little boy sadly being stuck in the middle of it.

I was not entitled to legal funding and solicitor’s fees mounting up hideously. I started to look for help elsewhere, thankfully I came across Alison (what a god send); She managed to resolve on-going issues in one hearing and came up with a solution both parties agreed too.

Anyone wondering what to do and whether to proceed with this service, well my advice would be to not hesitate. Well worth it, Alison’s empathic approach and expertise helped reduce the anxiety, emotions and financial difficulties all of which impacts hugely on our life’s.  Position Statement was so well written, communication was easy to access, Alison’s confidence and knowledge contributed to provide me with great ease, a truly life changing service.  Thank you so much. I have already started to recommend to others.

~ Ms S (Essex)
I had never heard of a mckenzie friend until a friend advised me to try Alison as this would be less costly and more helpful than a solicitor and I must say this was a good choice.

She has given me so much help and understanding over the past year in trying to get more contact with my son. Through some very stressful times she has been there and reassured me that things will get better. We are now finally beginning to get things sorted out.

She always points out out what is best for our son and tries to help both parties to come to agreements, I would recommend her every time.

~ Mr T (Derbyshire)
Since I've had Alison as my McKenzie friend I have re-established a relationship with my kids. She is very knowledgeable, highly regarded in her field and  understands the court system very well. I have no hesitation in recommending Alison Bushell in child/contact cases. Excellent work Alison, thank you!!

~ Mr D (London)
My sincerest thanks goes to the guardian in this case, Ms Masterton-Francis, for her tireless and relentless professionalism, her dedication in the pursuit of balance, her commitment to these children and her grade A gold star excellence in presenting well evidenced and analytical solutions.

~ HH Judge H QC
I am astounded and grateful for the huge dollop of common sense that Ms Masterton-Francis has brought to this case. We have reached a good outcome for these children of which I am sure they will be eternally grateful for in years to come.

Jo came to my situation with a fresh set of eyes without judgement or prejudice. She saw through what was happening to my children and enabled the children to finally have a voice. In the face of adversity and resistance, she remained steadfast and committed. I will always be thankful for what she did for my children in an exceedingly entrenched and deep-rooted situation.

~ Mr H (Kings Langley)
Alison has been known to me professionally for several years. I am a barrister specialising in child protection law.

I have the highest regard for her work and integrity. She is extremely competent, very child focussed and has boundless energy. Moreover she is extremely experienced and “knows” the job inside out. I have been particularly impressed by her approach to the children (of all ages) involved in the cases we have both been involved in.

Alison is particularly good at building a rapport with families in very difficult circumstances, whatever the nature of the allegations or difficulties they are experiencing. Her inter-personal skills are second to none. She is highly articulate and very bright.

Further she is extremely good at court based work and not intimidated by the nature of the often distressing and hostile litigation involved in her work. It is also right to say she has commanded the respect of the court, I cannot recollect a case where her recommendations were not ultimately followed.

~ Ms F, London.
The Guardian Miss Bushell has worked tirelessly and in fact done far more than she was required to do to ensure a good outcome for these children. I am quite sure we wouldn't be in the happy situation of their being rehabilitated to their parents had she not worked so tirelessly and I would like to express my gratitude to her.

~ Judge in County Court HHJ C.
I have worked with Jo on two occasions over the last few months and have been impressed by her calm and clearsighted  approach to what is a very complex and troubling case. She seems completely unflappable and is helpfully very clear on issues of professional boundaries in a case where familial boundaries are a real issue of concern. She has an empathic and kind approach to nervous parents and remains totally focussed on the children in very difficult fraught meetings. I would recommend her work to any parents who are experiencing difficulties.

~ Ms B, East Anglia
I have used Ms Francis in Family Group Conferencing where her skills at bringing deeply troubled family members together are incredible. She is both personable and fully professional at all times. Her knowledge base is vast as a result of continued professional development and equally vast experience gained working with children and their families.  I fully recommend Jo for Family Court Proceedings Court services..

~ Social Worker at Hertfordshire County Council
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