“Miss Bushell is very experienced, intelligent, well read and informed, and very impressive and persuasive both on paper and in presence. She attended court on a number of occasions, and spoke confidently and with authority and gravitas to the judge. She was always very careful to be fair to both parties, and acted at all times in the best interests of the child.”

Ms R, Senior Counsel, London.

“I have the highest regard for Alison’s work and integrity. She is extremely competent, very child focussed and has boundless energy.
Alison is particularly good at building a rapport with families in very difficult circumstances, whatever the nature of the allegations or difficulties they are experiencing. Her inter-personal skills are second to none. She is highly articulate and very bright.

Further she is extremely good at court based work and not intimidated by the nature of the often distressing and hostile litigation involved in her work. It is also right to say she has commanded the respect of the court, I cannot recollect a case where her recommendations were not ultimately followed.”

Ms W, QC, London

“I was initially wary of our instructing Alison as the expert as she had been suggested by my ex husbands lawyers and I thought she might not be impartial as they are known to deal with parental alienation. However the judge spoke highly of her and it was eventually agreed that she do the assessment of our family. I am now glad that she was chosen as she was lovely and the boys took to her straight away. She brought Captain the little dog and that broke the ice as they had been nervous about meeting her. 
Alison is clearly very experienced and was scrupulously fair to everyone. Her recommendations were fair and the follow up support was excellent. 
I have in fact recently recommended her to a family friend who is in a similar situation”.   

Mrs K, Bournemouth.

"Alison, WOW what can I say!!!!
An amazing,  proactive, extremely professional McKenzie friend.
Thank you so much, you worked wonders for me on Wednesday, everyone involved was so impressed, Even the judge wanted your details. I and my ex-partner have had years attending many court hearings with our little boy sadly being stuck in the middle of it. 
I was not entitled to legal funding and solicitor’s fees mounting up hideously. I started to look for help elsewhere, thankfully I came across Alison (what a god send); She managed to resolve on-going issues in one hearing and came up with a solution both parties agreed too. 
Anyone wondering what to do and whether to proceed with this service, well my advice would be to not hesitate. Well worth it, Alison’s empathic approach and expertise helped reduce the anxiety, emotions and financial difficulties all of which impacts hugely on our lives.  Position Statement was so well written, communication was easy to access, Alison’s confidence and knowledge contributed to provide me with great ease, a truly life changing service.  Thank you so much. I have already started to recommend to others."

Ms S, Essex

"Fantastic work all throughout and in my view the work done by you was extremely meticulous. Thanks for being open, receptive and unbiased."

Mr S. Croydon. 


“This assessment was very well-written and thorough, sensitive to cultural issues in this application for Leave to Remove from the jurisdiction of the UK”

Ms MF, solicitor.

"Thank you Hilary . Your report was very helpful."

Ms NH LA social worker.

"Thank you Hilary for all of your assistance - I doubt without your evidence she would have maintained the allegations."

Ms JK, solicitor


"Trish is a senior professional of exceptional talent and long experience She is a sensitive and thoughtful clinician who can sustain long term contacts with sometimes demanding patients to good clinical effect. Trish has a wide range of experience in managing organisations, developing systems and services (including budgets), and assessing complex service environments. She combines these capacities with a strong continuing commitment to her own clinical and therapeutic development, and her practice as a social worker and therapist.”

A.C,  Professor of Social Work
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